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Sunflower Mug – Hand Carved and Painted

Reserved for Sabrina – Sunflower Mug – Hand Carved and Painted

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Bright and Happy Sunflowers adorn this Hand-Carved (sgrafitto), Wheel-thrown and hand-painted Pottery Mug.

All my mugs are made with a comfortable handle in mind. It has a gentle curve and can accommodate a three-finger hold with the pinky underneath for stability. A ridge along the outside of the handle feels wonderful for your thumb and the gentle slope at the connection gives a perfect spot for your thumb. The underside of the handle is rounded and soft. No sharp edges.

Perfect gift for a sunflower lover – birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, weddings, graduations, retirement, Mothers Day, Christmas, or simply just because.

The artwork (Three Sunflowers and bright and cheery Checkerboard) on this wheel-thrown Pottery mug was hand carved through the glaze to reveal the stoneware Porcelain White clay underneath using a technique called Sgraffito. Color was then added to the carved section. All artwork was done before firing so that the design is permanent.

* Thrown on the potters wheel in Durable White Porcelain Stoneware clay
* While the clay was still leather hard, black underglaze was applied to the mug and then scratched off. The pedals were then painted using vibrant underglaze colors. Once dry the piece is then fired for the first time. The mug was then glazed in food safe clear glaze
* Dimension- 4.5″ tall, 3.5″ at the belly and the opening is 3″. Holds 16 oz.
* The inside is glazed in a bright yellow
* Solid and sturdy handle curves downward at the top for a comfortable 3 finger grip
* Dishwasher Safe
* Microwave safe -handle may get slightly warm

* One of a kind (not one in a million)
* Hand-painted design
* Hand crafted pottery is not perfect and each piece will be a little different in size, shape and feel

* Each piece is thrown individually on the potters wheel
* All artwork is applied using a Technique called Sgraffito, meaning “To Scratch”. The design is created by Scratching through the
Underglaze revealing the white clay beneath it.
* After the artwork is applied the piece is allowed to dry and then it is fired for the first time (bisque). Up to this point, the piece was very
fragile and could easily have been broken into tiny bits of clay!
* After Bisque Firing Clear glaze is applied to the outside and food-safe glaze was applied to the inside. The piece was then refired for
the final time to a higher temperature

Since all the pieces are handmade, slight variations are possible. This is the EXACT MUG you will receive.
* Every time your gift recipient uses or sees this piece they will remember you


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