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Carved Flower Mug in Orange, Yellow and Green


Unusual Flower pottery mug with three large flowers carved into the clay

Sold out!


Unusual Flower pottery mug with three large flowers carved into the clay

* Uniquely carved mug of flowers. Layers of Yellow, Orange and Green Underglazes were applied to the still moist mug and then the background was carved away leaving behind
flowers and colorful background
*The inside is glazed in a Speckled Yellow
*Holds approximately 14 ounces
*Height 4.250″
*Width 3.50″
*Dishwasher and Microwave safe

All my mugs are made with a comfortable handle in mind. It has a gentle curve and can accommodate a three-finger hold with the pinky underneath for stability. A ridge along the outside of the handle feels wonderful for your thumb and the gentle slope at the connection gives a perfect spot for your thumb. The underside of the handle is rounded and soft. No sharp edges.

The artwork on this wheel-thrown Pottery mug was hand carved through the underglaze to reveal the stoneware Porcelain White clay underneath using a technique called Sgraffito.

* One of a kind (not one in a million)
* Hand-painted design
* Hand crafted pottery is not perfect and each piece will be a little different in size, shape and feel

Since all the pieces are handmade, slight variations are possible. This is the EXACT MUG you will receive.

* Every time your gift recipient uses or sees this piece they will remember you


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