Acorn and Oak Leaves Bud Vase – Hand Carved – Green and Black


Bud Vase with Oak Leaves and Acorns

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  • Acorns and Oak Leaves are hand carved all the way around this bud vase.
  • The carving gives it texture
  • No glaze was put over the carved portion, leaving a beautiful matte finish
  • The inside, and rim a were glazed in a semi-matte green that breaks to beige at the top of the lip
  • Water tight
  • Height 5.5″
  • Width 3.5″
  • Opening 1.5″

NOTE- This piece stuck to the kiln shelf and some chipping on the very bottom occurred (see photo). Because of the shape of the bottom, it is not visible when it is sitting on the table. Normally I would not offer this for sale however its way too pretty to get the “hammer” . Priced reduced



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